We focus on quality and useful promotional products that tell your story - not 'throw aways'

Some people think of disposable, low quality give-aways when they hear the term SWAG (Stuff We All Get)... We think of SWAG quite a bit differently. We believe promotional products tell your story, and we strive to provide product solutions to do just that. We research your target audience and source products that will be useful, visible... and most importantly - kept!

Promo for Purpose

We believe each promotional product should have a useful purpose and be attractive to the recipient - this promotes brand visibility. We take time to research your brand, product / service and target audience to find the perfect product to tell your story! We consider these things when sourcing and recommending promos for our clients:

  • Usefulness: Will the end user actually "use" this product?
  • Visibility: Will the product remain visible - showcasing the client's brand throughout the useful life of the product?
  • Quality: Will the product last?
  • Creativity: Are we finding a product that end-users will talk about? Are we providing clients with a "story to tell"?

At Brand Asset Marketing - we strive to make an impact through the effective use of promotional products. If you have a story to tell, we'd love to help you tell it! Contact us today at 713.865.0085 or via email at info@brandassetmarketing.com.